Hello environment, we're friendly!

For years, we've been limiting the impact of our business on the environment as much as possible! We're doing our part to look out for the planet, and we certainly hope that you are too! Here are some of the things we're doing to limit our economic footprint:

  • We don't use plastic bottles, containers, or straws. Instead, we stick to glass bottles, cups and containers made from recycled paper that can be recycled or composted, and paper straws. ​You can even bring your own mug for coffee or tea!

  • Our cleaning products are, wherever possible, environmentally friendly.

  • We source our meat, eggs, bread, and fish locally.

  • We purchase as many of our ingredients locally as possible to reduce the effects of long distance transportation.

  • Our coffees and teas are fair-trade.



      I grew up in the small rural community of Shinimicas, Nova Scotia on a dairy & pig farm which later became an alternative organic farm. At the young age of twelve I was given the choice of working on the farm or in the kitchen - I think we know which direction I went. The kitchen became a part of me, spending much of my time there. Cooking many meals for many folk I learned to be creative. My mother was a wonderful cook, and mentor who wasn't afraid to experiment with flavours and seasonings, mixing ingredients for that perfect melange and with that and my skill grew immensely.

      In another life, I would have been a gypsy as my love of travelling sometimes gets the best of me. I have travelled much of the world, and sailed many seas but always remembered my home, Nova Scotia. I returned home to Nova Scotia and have planted a foot here as the people are some of the kindest in the world.


The Art of Eating Deli is a place where we learn/know your name. You may experiance sarcasm, you may meet a new friend or old on your own or in a group. I hope you will feel at home and enjoy your visit.

-Fran Hubbard, Owner / Operator

 Art of Eating Deli & Catering